Waynesburg University | New Cookbook Featured Holiday Favorites

Waynesburg University (Waynesburg, PA) helped to create perfect holiday meals with some of their favorite and treasured recipes such as chili over sweet corn bread, cinnamon roll pancakes, honey glazed brussels sprouts, Waynesburg mac and cheese and pumpkin gobs!  With the help of their dining services partner, Aladdin, these all-time favorites are now featured in the new Waynesburg University Cook Book for all to enjoy!

Waynesburg University President Douglas G. Lee is extremely proud of the university’s dining program and encouraged Aladdin to showcase the prepared-from-scratch food the culinary team serves students, faculty and staff every day.  “The beautiful hard-bound book is beyond what I ever imagined! It features creative recipes with full-color photos of the delicious foods we love and enjoy.  Fresh and healthy food is a big part of our students’ learning process and social experience.   Creating the cookbook was a way for us to share university favorites with the campus community, alumni, prospective students and their families.”

In fact, the cookbook was featured in the December 19th issue of the Observer-Reporter!  

The cookbook features six sections including breakfast, fresh starts (salads and soups), appetizers, entrees and sides, desserts…and even a section entitled “Season’s Harvest” which is dedicated to President Lee’s favorites!  According to Lesley Davis, Aladdin food service director, “The President’s section features several plant-based favorites created by Aladdin. Local produce and food trends inspired Aladdin to design the Season’s Harvest recipes offered in the school’s cafe and found in this section which range from honey brussels sprouts and Dijon roasted red potatoes to smothered beans with leeks, collard greens and braised red cabbage.

Joe DeSalvo, district manager, states that the response to Season’s Harvest has been very positive. “When speaking with the students, the vegetarians state they enjoy the expanded number of options and variety.” On the flip side, DeSalvo says, “The other non-vegetarian students are also enjoying the variety, various vegetable, legume, bean and rice options which are made fresh daily. It is a new destination for all of our guests.”

Many thanks to members of Aladdin’s culinary team who were instrumental in creating the cookbook: Lesley Davis; Bonnie Bland, director of nutrition services; Lynn Wilson, assistant food service director; Crystal McNett, catering manager; Steve Markuik and Penny Orndoff, cooks.

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