Boosting Buzz with Baked Goods at Columbia College

Source: Cobe, Patricia. “Boosting buzz with baked goods.” FoodService Director, 7 October 2019,

Want to make your dining operation a magnet for customers? Fire up the ovens with trays of treats, and the allure of fresh-baked goodies will be tough to resist. A robust baking program can certainly be a differentiator!  At Columbia College in Columbia, Mo., using baked goods tempts students!

Pastry Chef Erica Hartzell supplies baked goods to the Cougar Cafe, a retail outlet, and the school’s dining halls, which are managed by Aladdin. On a daily basis, she and her part-time prep cook, bake 700 cookies, several cakes and 15 dozen bars, among other bakery items.

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