Celebrate National Nutrition Month with Aladdin!

March marks the 2024 National Nutrition Month® from the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics, and this year’s theme is Beyond the Table. To celebrate, Aladdin will feature BeWell recipe offerings, special events, stories about our dietitians, and more!

Beyond the Table addresses several nutrition-related topics from farm-to-fork, to dining outside the home. It also emphasizes supporting a sustainable and healthy food production system.

Did you know? One-third of greenhouse gas emissions come from food production. By reaching for sustainable, healthy foods, and doing our part to eliminate food waste, we can all do our part in influencing change and helping decrease greenhouse gases. Learn more at http://www.NationalNutritionMonth.org.

Watch for more throughout this special month as Aladdin teams provide healthy eating habits and good nutrition for your students, faculty, and guests not just in March…but all year!

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