Columbia College Dulany Dining Hall Redo

Columbia, Missouri, October 3, 2018 — Columbia College in Columbia, Missouri, was proud to extend a six-year contract with Aladdin, which has served the faculty and students for the past 22 years!  Students also returned to begin the fall semester with a new dining experience!  With the help of Aladdin, Columbia College’s complete renovation of the Dulany Hall Dining room and kitchen areas create more space, a brick oven pizza operation, action stations and all-day dining to accommodate students’ schedules.

The 22-year partnership is a testament to the highly satisfied faculty and student body.  According to Tony Portela, Aladdin district manager, “We are honored to continue our relationship and offer our extensive experience in creating a dining area which serves more than great food – we are in the business to help our clients create a community where students come together to socialize and learn.”

A back of the house redesign focused on maximizing space by improving workflow.  “We had equipment located in areas where it logistically did not make sense, so relocating equipment provided opportunities to upgrade equipment.  For example, we went from a six-burner stove top to an eight burner.

The new brick oven pizza station features a rock front and cooks pizza in three-four minutes.  “We will give students the opportunity to build their own pizza.”

All-day dining is another new option that gives students an opportunity to eat from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily.

Baking Her Way…

Aladdin baker Arena Oian at Williston State College is featured in a new Heart of

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