College of Our Lady of the Elms Partners with Aladdin Campus Dining

According to Barabara M. Fienman, Ph.D., Interim Vice President of Student Affairs, “Aladdin’s commitment to food and food quality resonated with our team.  Aladdin mirrors our culture, treating their students as individuals, and personalizing dining services to our Chicopee, MA campus.  We look forward to a dining experience where the team is dedicated to culinary excellence, menu variety, and service execution.”

The culinary team will be led by David Ingala, Aladdin’s Director of Dining Services, who will elevate the food service experience for Elms College students, faculty, and guests.  David brings over 20 years of restaurant and onsite dining experience as a manager of higher education dining for colleges and universities in Connecticut and Massachusetts.  In his previous positions, David was instrumental in the implementation of local and national branding, project renovations, and student engagement.  Chris Cleveland, Aladdin’s district manager, will support David and the team as they work together to create dining as a campus destination!

Elms College students will experience Aladdin’s innovative brands including a wide selection of made-to-order nutritious menu items prepared with locally grown foods and other seasonal ingredients at each meal.  Aladdin’s signature brands are reflective of today’s campus dining eating trends, where healthier eating and vegan lifestyles are at the forefront.

Through Aladdin’s BeWell wellness interactive program, the culinary team will make the healthy choice the easy choice. Within this program not only will there be gluten-free and vegan options at our dining stations, but our Fueled program will offer Elms College Blazers athletes and active individuals food options to enhance their performance!

Fresh made-to-order dining options will be available at most of Aladdin’s dining stations, including allergen-free friendly meals.  And, a new expansive salad bar will showcase greens, fresh vegetables, and made-to-order salads.  Aladdin will also introduce the local flavors of the Chicopee community by offering a New England Coffee service in the food court.

Students will be delighted with a refresh to the residential dining hall food court, where everything from new digital menu boards, marketing, and technology that provides 24/7 menu accessibility, and expedites mobile food ordering and delivery will be offered. Improved ID card technology will be enhanced with extra functionality to make online ordering easy!  And, a motorized cart will be introduced for concessions and snacks.

Aladdin’s Tryon Market grab-and-go meals will be available for purchase at the new micro market, along with other essentials such as over-the-counter health, beauty, sundries, and freshly brewed Starbucks We Proudly serve beverages.

One of the most exciting areas of the Elms College dining experience will be the daily action station that will double as a teaching kitchen.  “Aladdin’s goal is to create engaging dining experiences for students that they’ll associate directly with their school experience.  Keeping students excited with special events and pop-up food brands, while educating on food preparation and nutrition, keeps students excited to see what might come next,” says David Ingala, Aladdin Director of Dining Services.

Baking Her Way…

Aladdin baker Arena Oian at Williston State College is featured in a new Heart of

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