‘Fresh on the Fox’ opens at SWRC

Image by: Lexi Wojcik- Kretchmer | The Advance-Titan

Source: Sparks, Cory. “‘Fresh on the Fox’ opens at SWRC.” The Advance-Titan, 10 November 2021, https://advancetitan.com/arts-and-entertainment/2021/11/10/fresh-on-the-fox-opens-at-swrc.

The UW Oshkosh Student Recreation and Wellness Center or SRWC has a new addition. The Fresh on the Fox smoothie is up and running — pun intended.

The stand had its grand opening Oct. 26, but it was operating a couple of weeks beforehand as Aladdin Campus Dining worked out some last-minute details.

The stand is located on the right side of the SRWC entrance, near the lounge area.

Carese Walczyk, wellness dietitian for Aladdin, said the smoothie bar was created after a student survey showed students wanted another campus dining option. Within those results, smoothies came up a lot in terms of what this new dining option should include.

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