Paul Quinn College | Holiday Gatherings Bring People Together

Paul Quinn College, a private, faith-based, four-year, liberal arts-inspired college in Austin, TX, has recently partnered with Aladdin to fuel and energize the 432 students on campus!

Aladdin was selected for its commitment to preparing scratch-made meals with high-quality and locally grown food from the school’s ‘We Over Me Farm’ managed and operated by the students.

Since beginning dining services in late summer of 2017, Aladdin has already begun to utilize produce from the farm including potatoes, tomatoes and squash that are featured on the extensive salad bar and in board plan recipes prepared with other fresh vegetables and lean proteins.  

In 2018, Aladdin will purchase produce bi-weekly from the We Over Me Farm and will also receive fresh eggs from hens raised on campus.  

“We are so proud of our partnership and the ability to serve a truly farm to table experience,” says Dana Williams, food service director, who displays signage in the cafeteria that states where the food is grown.

Produce from the farm is also sold at the campus farmer’s market, and donated to charitable organizations and food banks in the communit

Aladdin also provides unique dining opportunities for students and staff to come together including recently catered holiday events.  “At a recent holiday feast, students had an opportunity to socialize with professors and staff outside of the classroom as well as enjoy a taste of the fall harvest from the We Over Me Farm!

Baking Her Way…

Aladdin baker Arena Oian at Williston State College is featured in a new Heart of

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