Farm-to-table at Kennebec Valley

Farm-to-table at Kennebec Valley

When it comes to farm-to-table, students at Kennebec Valley Community College (KVCC) in Fairfield, Maine, do it best! That’s because the dining partnership they have with FitzVogt, member of Aladdin Food Service Management, are working together to incorporate more local food from the school’s onsite farm onto the menu!

The Harold Alfond Campus on Route 201 in Hinckley, is the home for KVCC’s innovative farm-to-table educational programs focused on sustainable agriculture, food processing, culinary arts, renewable energy and entrepreneurship. It is also home to a 120-acre fully operational farm which produces organic vegetables, fruits and herbs year-round, and raises sheep and chickens as well.

As the school’s dining services partner since August 2015, FitzVogt is a strong advocate on supporting the Farm at KVCC!Robert Spencer, FitzVogt executive chef, works closely with the school’s farm manager to use whatever is harvested to feed the college community. “During peek months, 45% of the fresh produce used by the FitzVogt dining team comes from the farm including a variety of heirloom tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage, leeks, potatoes, herbs and winter and summer squashes,” says David McGurn, FitzVogt district manager.   

FitzVogt also uses 50 dozen fresh eggs weekly from hens raised sustainably on pasture. In fact, hen consumption has quadrupled to keep up with the demand of eggs from FitzVogt! 

KVCC is also celebrating Salubrious, a customized bowl and wrap program that sources fresh produce grown on the campus farm! 

Introduced by Joshua Strassburg, FitzVogt supervisor, Salubrious promotes the health and well-being of its guests — the perfect food program companion to the KVCC farm movement!

A very healthy choice, guests can create their own meal where they can select from four base food options.

“The response has been exceptional – Salubrious guests are customers for life and the concept as a whole,” says Strassburg.

First, students choose from a “greens” base — a variety of fresh, roasted and marinated vegetables sourced from the KVCC farm. A second base features the rice or noodle of the day. The third base are the protein selections which offer chicken, grilled tofu, flank steak, and KVCC farm-raised lamb.

The fourth and final base is the choice between configuring Salubrious as a bowl or wrap.  Infused with a variety of flavor profiles including Wasabi ginger, toasted nuts, and chili to name a few, the response has been exceptional!

“The beauty of Salubrious is with a simple number of bases, you can quadruple the number of options,” says Strassburg.

Salubrious is designed and packaged with compostable materials as a to-go menu item for lunch, perfect for enjoying farm freshness wherever you are on campus!     

  • Kudos to the FitzVogt dining team at KVCC:
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