West Virginia State University Partners with Aladdin Campus Dining

“Aladdin was selected based on its dedication to creating a quality dining experience for students, faculty, and staff,” says Justin T. McAllister, MFA, AFI, CTBME, Vice President for Business and Finance for West Virginia State University, Institute, WV.  “Aladdin exhibits an attention to detail, partnered with high-quality made-from-scratch food offerings that our campus community should really come to enjoy.”

With a proven record in increasing board plan participation and retail dining opportunities, Aladdin’s signature brands are reflective of today’s healthier eating dining trends.  Fresh made-to-order dining options will be available at most of Aladdin’s dining stations, including allergen-friendly meals.

Through Aladdin’s BeWell wellness interactive program, the culinary team will make the healthy choice the easy choice. Within this program not only will there be gluten-free and vegan options at our dining stations, but our Fueled program will offer “Yellow Jacket” athletes and active individuals healthy meal options.  More convenience is planned through a user-friendly kiosk to be located at the gym where students can purchase fresh and healthy meals, snacks, and beverages that support their pre and post-workouts.   Access to our team of registered dietitian nutritionists will also be available to enhance performance.

In the main dining hall, students will enjoy Aladdin’s exciting signature brands including a new burger concept prepared with fresh ground beef; while Chilaca, a fast-casual Mexican brand that serves tacos, burritos, and bowls topped with their choice of fresh proteins and vegetables for lunch and dinner will be offered in the student union.  An existing food truck will feature an expanded menu of popular “Street Foods” and hours during the week!

Soon to be added…

A new We Proudly Serve Starbucks, ranked nationally in the top three most popular restaurant chains among college students, will feature beverages the way you like it! Starbucks offers a menu of handcrafted espressos and blended beverages, including smoothies!

Plans for a self-operated micro-mart will also accommodate diners on the go with Aladdin’s Tryon Market grab-and-go meals, sandwiches prepared with Boar’s Head premium deli meats and cheeses, along with healthcare, sundries, and other convenience items.

A “Date Night” dining location for those intimate or special occasions will be created, as well as al fresco dining where a gathering space will be designed with soft seating and a firepit so our students and their guests can enjoy delicious meals in the great outdoors!

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